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Monday, December 9



*FEATURED SCHOOL/DISTRICT*-Creating an Education Pathway Experience Class EuphoriaLIMITEDJennifer Stevenson *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Garth Larson - PLC 2.0: Protocols for Impact Utopia BLIMITEDGarth Larson *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Kathi Rhodus - Moving Towards Reading on Grade Level By Third Grade Utopia CLIMITEDKathi Rhodus *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Monica Genta - 180 Days of Awesome- Celebrating Every Day of Education Utopia ALIMITEDMonica Genta #BreakInEDU Schaumburg ALIMITEDStacia Dirks • Nicole Stroup Creating a Culture of C.A.R.E. Schaumburg CLIMITEDLionel Allen Data Meetings & Triangulation Schaumburg DLIMITEDDimitri Almasi • Christen McFall Embedding Cycles of Inquiry into School Improvement Processes Schaumburg BLIMITEDMolly Allen • Laura O'Donnell Put a Pep in Your Step with Discussions Schaumburg ELIMITEDKim Paulus Release the Power...Connect Schaumburg GLIMITEDCorby Gates Take Your Classroom to Hyperspeed with HyperDocs! InnovationLIMITEDBen Sondgeroth The Magic of Mentor Texts; Using Children's Literature in the Content Areas Schaumburg HLIMITEDKate Ewing The Power of Podcasting ImaginationLIMITEDMichael Doyle • Stacy Reagan Oh the Math That They'll Know! Pre - First Math Games KnowledgeLIMITEDJane Felling Using Science Assessment Screening Tools ProsperityLIMITEDDaun Biewenga Student Leadership is Contagious! Schaumburg FLIMITEDJackie Ewing • Tanya Fergus Hands-On Civics: Practical Approaches to Teaching and Learning EpiphanyLIMITEDJason Artman Understanding IEPs and 504's for the Gen Ed Teacher ConnectionLIMITEDDavid Brannstrom


*FEATURED SCHOOL/DISTRICT*-Blended Learning Increases Student Achievement EuphoriaLIMITEDLynn Belangee • Lisa Fetcho *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Garth Larson - PLC 2.0: Protocols for Impact Utopia BLIMITEDGarth Larson *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Kathi Rhodus - Disciplinary Literacy in Social Studies Utopia CLIMITEDKathi Rhodus *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Monica Genta - Game Changers- Ideas that Engage and Motivate All Students Utopia ALIMITEDMonica Genta *KEYNOTE SPEAKER* - Dave Burgess - Teaching Outside the Box Utopia DLIMITEDDave Burgess Amplify the Power of Chrome with Apps and Extensions! InnovationLIMITEDBen Sondgeroth Early Career Teachers and Guided Support Teams Schaumburg FLIMITEDRenee Gugel • Geri Chesner Functions of Behavior Schaumburg CLIMITEDAlexsondra Hernquist Hey, Google! How’d You Do That? ImaginationLIMITEDLeah Herold • Gail Stover Problem Centered Teaching by Tomorrow Schaumburg BLIMITEDCassandra Armstrong Thematic Instruction Focusing on Student Thinking Schaumburg GLIMITEDLaura Golden • Linda Mizwicki “Yes CER!”: Our C-E-R Journey Schaumburg HLIMITEDJennifer Harrison • Amie Livengood IAR: Interpreting Math Results Schaumburg DLIMITEDLauren Lipsey Shake Up Your Fact Fluency Practice KnowledgeLIMITEDJane Felling Homeless Families - Is Your District Aware of What to Do? ConnectionLIMITEDDeb Foust There’s No Crying in PD⚾ Schaumburg ELIMITEDKim Paulus STEAMing Up Literacy Schaumburg ALIMITEDStacia Dirks • Nicole Stroup Teen STEM Cafés – Exciting Teens about STEM EpiphanyLIMITEDJudith Dymond



*FEATURED SCHOOL/DISTRICT*-STEAMing to Success: Using STEAM to Improve Districtwide Culture & Climate EuphoriaLIMITEDKim Green • Jaclyn Pearson *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Garth Larson - Using Assessment as Evidence Gathering When Grading for Impact Utopia BLIMITEDGarth Larson *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Kathi Rhodus - Literacy Tasks: Weaving It All Together Utopia CLIMITEDKathi Rhodus *FEATURED SPEAKER* - Monica Genta - The Rooted Classroom- Building Ridiculously Strong Relationships with Staff & Students Utopia ALIMITEDMonica Genta *KEYNOTE SPEAKER*-Dave Burgess - Teaching Outside the Box Utopia DLIMITEDDave Burgess Chromebooks as Multimedia Creation Devices InnovationLIMITEDBen Sondgeroth Data-Driven Instructional Coaching Schaumburg DLIMITEDCarrie De La Cruz • Carlissa Pokora Engaging Lesson Plans through Peer Collaboration Schaumburg FLIMITEDKayla Osbron • Faith Skinner Innovation Makers Workshop Schaumburg GLIMITEDDavid Hernandez The Secret Power of Google Slides ImaginationLIMITEDLeah Herold • Gail Stover Whole Brain Teaching Schaumburg ELIMITEDSarah Meador Writing a Speech Is Like Eating a Big Mac Schaumburg HLIMITEDKathie Sgiers Promoting Sense-Making and Perseverance in KnowledgeLIMITEDTerri Campos • Victoria Novy Rejuvenate Your Math Block With a Guided Math Model ConnectionLIMITEDKatherine Koehler • Kelsey Scarpetta Move Your Coaching Forward Schaumburg ALIMITEDLauren Lipsey • Nicole Stroup Stressed Out? Learn about Personal Wellness through Work Life Balance Schaumburg BLIMITEDMegan Johnson IMPACT: Meeting Social/Emotional Needs of Students Schaumburg CLIMITEDMeryl Block • Cheri Ogg Using Literature to Celebrate Diversity in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom EpiphanyLIMITEDSheryl Gallaher